Get your apple fix during Cider Week

Get your apple fix during Cider Week

While apple picking and caramel apple dipping are fall favorites, the real fun comes with hard apple cider. Since it’s nearly November, that means it’s almost Cider Week here in New York City. Over 9 days, November 2nd through November 11th, New Yorkers and visitors alike can get their apple fix at participating restaurants, bars, and shops during the 9th Annual Cider Week.

Though it was initially a production to connect cider makers from New York’s Hudson Valley to buyers in the NYC area, it has transformed over the last several years. Hosted by The New York Cider Association, Cider Week is intended to build a community around orchard-based ciders. The event allows participants to see just how food-friendly and high quality hard ciders can be.

There are options for everyone interested in tasting delicious apple-y goodness. If you’re willing to spend some money, The Breslin, a high-end British gastropub is pairing Eden & East Hallow Ciders with their whole hog multi-course dinner on November 4th. Specially curated cider drinks will accompany each course for $185.

If you’re on a tighter budget, no need to worry. Throughout the week, there will be several free bottle tastings. On November 3rd, you can head over to Brooklyn Cider House to taste all of their ciders.

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